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An island studio with a distinctive and creative approach to music and sound. Named after the seascape it overlooks, Sound Of Jura is located in an old school built on Lowlandman’s Bay on the Isle Of Jura [see map].

At Sound of Jura musician and producer Giles Perring continues to develop his distinctive sound and approach to recording.  His style has developed over 30 years working in diverse projects ranging from rock to contemporary classical music, electronica to free jazz, sound design to world music. Acclaimed for his cinematic approach to music and sound Giles' work includes sonic sculpture with Echo City, musique concrete with Unmen and TV and film production music for the Extreme Music Library.

Through Sound of Jura Giles offers his production skills to composers, songwriters and creative people of every stripe who want to tap into his facilitative and aesthetic approach to production.

Recent Sound of Jura Productions

Something Secret by Carol Grimes and Giles Perring
Giles' collaboration with Carol Grimes, which sets her superb voice in a sequence of tone poems;

Bundle Of Nerves by Karl Culley
Karl’s debut album blends electrifying acoustic guitar with rich lyrical imagery and taut, sonically varied arrangements;

Poets and Lighthouses by Albert Kuvezin and Yat Kha
Tuvan throat singing maestro Albert’s first work since 2005, the album topped the WMCE European World Music Charts in Jan 2011.

Tallships Stavanger 2011
Giles Perring composed and directed the Closing Ceremony of the Tallships Race in Stavanger.  Giles composed and assembled music for choirs, brass ensemble, bagpipes and percussion, and much more in an event that saw Lorne MacDougall, Alan Wilkinson, Albert Kuvezin of Yat Kha, soloists from the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, Norwegian metal gods Purified In Blood and The Storm Weather Shanty Choir lead a crowd of 75,000 through a maelstrom of music, fireworks and emotion to climax a momentous Festival.

Eruption Day by Echo City, with Michael Ray and Dave Davis
This is an ongoing album project between Giles' longest porject the London based sonic sculpture band Echo City and Michael Ray and other members of the Sun Ra Arkestra.

Music and artistic co-direction for a new music theatre piece commissioned by the Culture School in Sandnes, Norway.

Sound design for a new music theatre production featuring Melanie Pappenheim and Rebecca Askew, with music from Orlando Gough, Mike Henry and Jocelyn Pook

Jura Festival of Oral Culture Tip of the Tongue Bārr Mo Theanga
Sound of Jura has produced a new festival for the Isle of Jura in collaboration with the Jura Music Festival, which has been funded by a Quality Production Investment from Creative Scotland

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