Video release – The Exchange 140919

Giles Perring has just completed work on the mix and assembly of his performance of ‘The Exchange’ which was the finale of the CHArts Argyll and Isles Showcase in Oban last year. Featuring alongside Giles on Jura, and participants from all over the world, who phoned in their contributions live. Look and listen out for Melanie Pappenheim, Catriona Price, Teitur, Esther Swift, John Cayley, Kevin Godley, Ian Stephen, Lorne Macdougall, Jørn Snorre Andersen and Kirsty Law.

The Exchange is a sound and music event Giles devised to perform with other contributors who take part live via a simple telephone call. It’s a template for a live streaming musical/sound event that Giles first performed at an improvised music club, upstairs at the Centurion, in Deptford, London in 2001. Taking inspiration from his marvel at the telephone call as a means of communication; a love of remote listening; the communities who populate thru-the-night phone-ins; and the dreamlike shortwave radio explorations of Stockhausen, Giles has updated the piece every time he has done it since its debut in 2001. This, the fifth rendition, unfolded to an invited audience in the Sound Of Jura studio in Scotland and streamed to the world via a 4G uplink to the inaugural showcase for Argyll’s Art and Culture organisation CHArts Argyll and Isles, at St John’s Cathedral in Oban. With voices calling in from all over Argyll, and the world, The Exchange is an evocation of our solitude, and our connectedness.

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